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Me and I 

A webseries formulated for you to achieve your goals and live a happy and balanced life.

How does it help achieve goals?

What is Me and I?

Me & I is a subscription based web series to understand how your subconscious mind works, your programming, how you get triggered and how to stop and think critically. This will enable you to see the blocks in your mind that stops you from achieving your goals; happiness, health and wealth.


What is covered in Me & I 

Why is it that you always don’t have enough money?

How to get that promotion!

What does emotions do to us ?

Our Success Stories

Vimal sharing how he used Me&I to manage anger and stay calm and think clearly
Shalu Raaga sharing how she used Me&I to handle the stayhome during Covid19 Pandemic and stay positive and happy.

How Much Impact Can You Gain in 5 Months?

Here from Ananti – the caring heart and CEO behind Yayasan Chow Kit on how the lessons learnt within 5 months have changed her life.

Checking in at the Mid- Point of Transfomation

Hear from Mr. Adrian Gurney, the MD of McBride, who oversaw the changes that the Be At Your Best Program had on his management and leadership team and witnessed firsthand the impact Me & I can create on an organization’s team.

600% Increase in Sales in A Year

Hear from Dano Falk, a German entreprenuer residing in Malaysia, on how his company’s sales increased by 600% within a year by applying the foundations of Me&I he learnt from the Be At Your Best proggram conducted by the Me & I speaker , Valsala Krishnan, herself.

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A special discount is given to the first 100 subscribers whereby they can enjoy the Webseries at only RM 50 per month

Team Package

Get 5 subscribtions for yout team to enhance organizational relationships and improve the overall productivity and lifestyle of your department.

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